Low-Cost Vaccination and Microchipping Pricing

Sunday 10-6 Nebraksa Pet Expo discount vaccination clinic pricing.

Vaccination Pricing:
Rabies (dog & cat)    $24
Distemper (dog-DA2PPV)    $24
Distemper with Lepto (Dog-DA2PPL)    $27
Kennel Cough (dog-Bordetella    $24
Distemper (cat - FVRCP)    $24
Feline Lukemia (cat-FeLV)    $27
Lymes (dog)    $30
Influenza (dog-H3N2/H3N8)    $30

Heartworm Preventatives:
Tri-Heart Plus (Generic Heartguard) (6 pills)
0-25 lbs    $29
26-50 lbs    $39
51-100 lbs    $49
$6 mail-in rebate per 6 pills
Heartgard, Revolution and Interceptor Plus available

Flea and Tick Prevention:
Vectra (once monthly topical)    All sizes: $18/vial
Bravecto (90 day oral soft chew)    $49/dose
Buy 2 get $15 rebate, Buy 4 get $35 rebate

Trim toe nails    $10
Express anal glands    $15
Clean ears    $16
Micro-chipping    $45
(Includes free lifetime registration)

We provide treatment for a variety of minor medical issues and illnesses
Allergy shot    $25-$45
Arthritis shot    $25-$45
Ear cleaning    $16
Treat infected ears    $36
Heartworm check (dog)    $30
Routine Bloodwork (CBC, Chem, T4)    Available

A variety of prescription products available including Mometamax, Oral Antibiotics, Carprofen and Prozac.

Cash, Credit/Debit Cards and Checks Accepted.

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